Working with Dr. Lemmo has enhanced my vision and on-ice coordination. He has allowed me to be confident in my mental well-being.

Taylor Hall, 2018 Hart Trophy winner. The reigning NHL MVP.
Performance Enhancement treatment

Dr. Lemmo not only brings a different approach than everyone else with regard to concussions and sports enhancement, he also explains your brain to you and explains the functions that help you reach your full potential.

Kerby Rychel, 1st Round NHL Draft Pick
Performance Enhancement treatment

Dr. Lemmo gave me all these exercises to do. I started to not make any facial expressions or noises. I was definitely able to concentrate more and I got a lot more work done. And then we would have to keep upgrading my exercises because my brain would start to strengthen. That kept helping and my concentration just kept getting stronger and stronger.

I spent years looking for a cure and Dr. Lemmo was just around the corner. It's unbelievable, really, we're so grateful. I wish we would have ran into Dr. Lemmo 5 years earlier. We could have saved ourselves a lot of money and we could have saved medicating my son.

Joe Fox (Eamonn Fox's father)
ADD & ADHD treatment

If you're suffering a concussion, don't just sit there and suffer. Go see Dr. Lemmo. If he tells you he can fix you, he will.

Paul Ouellette
Concussion treatment

My headaches started going away, I was more focused, loud noises didn't bother me, and bright lights were OK. I saw Dr. Lemmo for two months or more and I feel back to normal now.

Danielle Lenarduzzi
Concussion treatment

I have a really good life right now. There's no way I would have been here today without functional neurology. No way.

I feel very blessed that we found Dr. Lemmo, he helped my son become more cognitive and independent. We experienced a lot of recovery towards a positive future that we didn't have before we met Dr. Lemmo.

Rose and Salvatore Cipriano
Traumatic Brain Injury treatment

If someone is willing to help you and they're as confident and loyal as Dr. Lemmo, listen to them because there's nothing better out there. Dr. Lemmo gave me my life back.

Dr. Lemmo's treatments are quite remarkable. The world needs to know what Dr. Lemmo can do. It really does, because without drugs he's been able to basically put me back on my feet.

After parading through doctors and neurologists and CAT scans and MRIs and urologists and you name it, finally, the only person who could help him was Dr. Lemmo.

Valerie Somerville (Michael Somerville's wife)
Degenerative Disorder treatment

It's quite an experience to sit in and take notes for Dr. Lemmo as he meets new patients. Many people feel helpless before coming to see us. I see first-hand the struggles and challenges of each patient and witness how Dr. Lemmo is able to change their lives for the better. I can honestly say that Dr. Lemmo's treatments have made a huge difference in so many people's lives.

Diva Santilli, Neurological Diagnostic Technician
Dr. Lemmo Brain Centre


The Dr. Lemmo Brain Centre treats patients suffering from brain injuries, child developmental issues, degenerative disorders and age-related conditions that affect the brain and central nervous system and helps athletes seeking to enhance and optimize skills and performance.

(519) 791-7246


2055 Huron Church Rd., Windsor, ON., N9C 2L6

Hours of Operation

  • Mon: 9am-5pm New Patients. (1-2hrs per new patient exam and diagnostics)
  • Tue: 9am-5pm Therapy and Treatment
  • Wed: Closed
  • Thu: 9am-5pm Therapy and Treatment
  • Fri: 9am-1pm Therapy and Treatment

Important Information

  • Patients require an Apple iPad for home therapies as well as during clinic appointments
  • Due to the complexity and uniqueness of each patient, a treatment plan is constructed on an individual basis. Duration of treatment is tailored to results and outcomes as therapies are done
  • No physician referral required for booking an appointment

No Obligation Phone Call

image-desc FREE no-obligation phone consultation with one of our expert staff members to learn more about our program and to ensure your symptoms/ilness are within the realm of what we treat at the Dr. Lemmo Brain Centre. We provide treatment for various neurological disorders/conditions including:

  • Performance enhancement
  • Concussion or head injury
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • ADHD or ADD
  • Stroke
  • Vertigo
  • Degenerative or aging-related disorder