Degenerative Disorders

Maximizing quality of life.

Our multi-disciplinary approach to alleviating the various symptoms and manifestations of degenerative diseases and disorders is designed to address each patient’s specific challenges. Evidence-based diagnostic testing forms the basis of the individualized, immersive therapies that help our patients effectively improve their condition.

Degenerative and age-related disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease, can affect the central nervous system causing postural instability, tremors at rest, stiffness and a general slowing of movement. Degenerative disorders can cause a wide range of body function loss, cognitive and behavioral issues including dementia, sleep issues and depression.

At the Dr. Lemmo Brain Centre we use the latest research-backed examinations and in-office diagnostic testing equipment to pinpoint functional and cognitive brain impairments in patients. We then design an individualized care program to address their specific challenges.

We offer an intensive, unique and immersive patient engagement model that allows us to continuously measure progress and refine treatment regimens.

We help the brain itself restore impaired functions by encouraging targeted activity in affected areas of the brain, building new neural pathways to restore or enhance physical and cognitive function.

Dr. Lemmo brings the latest in therapeutic techniques to maximize the quality of life for patients with degenerative and age-related disorders.

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Dr. Lemmo's treatments are quite remarkable. The world needs to know what Dr. Lemmo can do. It really does, because without drugs he's been able to basically put me back on my feet.

Michael Somerville
Degenerative Disorders

After parading through doctors and neurologists and CAT scans and MRIs and urologists and you name it, finally, the only person who could help him was Dr. Lemmo.

- Valerie Somerville (Michael Somerville's wife)
Degenerative Disorders