How Dr. Anthony Lemmo helps patients

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The brainpower behind Hart Trophy winner Taylor Hall's success

The Athletic

Test, interpret, reprogram. Learn how Dr. Lemmo became the brainpower behind Hart Trophy winner Taylor Hall's success in this exclusive interview with The Athletic.

Excerpt from the article: "Hall undergoes other tests on this Tuesday in early June, many of which measure the speed and reaction time of his eyes. He sits in front of the same wall, wearing special goggles, and tracks a laser point as it disappears and reappears, as it moves across horizontal and vertical planes and more."

"These exercises are part of a field of study called 'functional neurology', in which the tracking of eye movements is used to help determine physical and/or neural barriers of the brain. The goal is to build new neural pathways or strengthen existing ones."

The story later continues: Hall is happy to work with Lemmo, just as Lemmo is happy to have Hall as a patient and a friend. Just before Hall left the brain center that day, he signed a framed photo of him and the doctor, complete with a note.

"You're the best," it reads. "Thank you for making me a cyborg."

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Sports concussions, ADHD and strokes treated with same new brain tests

CBC News

Windsor, Ont. chiropractor Anthony Lemmo had been working with the Windsor Spitfires for about 10 years, when he decided he wanted to be able to treat hockey players' concussions better.

"While I was there, there were several concussions and head traumas — I just wanted to know if there was something else out there to help some of the players because there was only so much out there at the time."

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Private concussion clinics called a 'Wild West' of unregulated treatment

CBC News

Volunteer neurosurgeons staffing a concussion hotline 24 hours a day?

That was the headline reported in the Toronto Star, CBC, CTV, and major newspapers in B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario in early September.

But it was a surprise to Dr. Michael Cusimano, a neurosurgeon at St. Michael's Hospital in downtown Toronto, who couldn't imagine any neurosurgeon he knows having the time to take phone calls, free, in the middle of the night.

And there's no need for a private hotline, he says, when all of the provinces already operate 24-hour telephone health hotlines.

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The Cipriano family's amazing journey to recovery after brutal 2012 attack with baseball bat

Detroit Local 4 News WDIV-TV

Reporter/Anchor Karen Drew from Detroit Local 4 News WDIV-TV aired a story about Sal and Rose Cipriano's recovery with Dr. Anthony Lemmo at the Dr. Lemmo Brain Centre. We invite you to watch here:

Brain Dissection at UCF Medical School

University of Central Florida College of Medicine - Anatomy Lab

This past weekend, Dr. Lemmo attended a special medical event that allowed him to perform brain dissections at the University of Central Florida College of Medicine with Dr. Frederick R. Carrick in collaboration with the Harvard Center for Clinical Simulation. Dr. Lemmo, along with clinical neuroscientists, neurosurgeons, and functional neurologists from around the world, dissected various brains to gain a deeper understanding of how brain structure, function, disease and pathology are linked. This event takes place every 7-10 years and invitations are extended to select medical professionals around the world, so it was a great privilidge and honour for Dr. Lemmo to be invited to attend.

Here's what Dr. Lemmo had to say about his experience at the University of Central Florida College.

Cipriano family moves forward

The Detroit News

Dr. Anthony Lemmo, a board-certified functional neurologist, assessed Sal and gave him a series of daily exercises. “Within a week, he was able to walk without a walker,” Rose said. Read more here:

Cipriano Classic

5th Annual Cipriano Classic 5K Fun Run & Walk

The 5th Annual Cipriano Classic 5K Fun Run & Walk is happening Friday June 3rd, 2016. If you're interested in supporting this wonderful event, you can participate, volunteer or even provide sponsorship. Learn more here:

CBS News covers Cipriano story

CBS Detroit News features Cipriano story of healing at the Dr. Lemmo Brain Centre

CBS Detroit News (WWJ TV) featured a story about our interview with Rose and Sal Cipriano yesterday. Their article provides details about the tragedy that were not covered by our interview. Learn more here: