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Dr. Anthony Lemmo, DC, FABBIR

Board Certified Functional Neurologist

The Dr. Lemmo Brain Centre treats patients suffering from brain injuries, concussions, degenerative disorders, aging-related conditions and child developmental issues that affect the brain and central nervous system. The Dr. Lemmo Brain Centre also provides care for athletes, such as NHL all-star Taylor Hall and Kerby Rychel, seeking to enhance skills and optimize performance.

Dr. Anthony Lemmo, DC, FABBIR is a Board Certified Functional Neurologist that studied directly with world-renowned Dr. Ted Carrick at the Carrick Brain Center. Dr. Lemmo has been admitted as a Fellow of the American Board of Brain Injury and Rehabilitation by Dr. Lorn Miller MD, FACFN, DABNP, president of the American College of Functional Neurology (ACFN) and is authorized to utilize the credential FABBIR. This esteemed accreditation represents a four-year post doctoral program in clinical neuroscience where Dr. Lemmo successfully completed the studies, clinical requirements and exams prescribed by the American College of Functional Neurology. Dr. Lemmo is one of eight FABBIRs in Canada.

Dr. Anthony Lemmo
Dr. Anthony Lemmo & Dr. Ted Carrick in lab
Dr. Anthony Lemmo & Dr. Ted Carrick
Dr. Anthony Lemmo, Board Certified Functional Neurologist graduation

Diva Santilli

Neurological Diagnostic Technician

Diva Santilli has been working at the Dr. Lemmo Brain Centre since 2013 as a Neurological Diagnostic Technician. Diva is responsible for performing a variety of diagnostic tests, including a Videonystagography (VNG) test, which analyizes how certain parts of the brain work. Diva prepares patients for testing by explaining the details of how the test will be conducted, how the test will affect them and how the test results will assist the doctor. Diva has the unique opportunity of watching the progress of all patients from their initial visit to their discharge visit.

It's quite an experience to sit in and take notes for Dr. Lemmo as he meets new patients. Many people feel helpless before coming to see us. I see first-hand the struggles and challenges of each patient and witness how Dr. Lemmo is able to change their lives for the better. I can honestly say that Dr. Lemmo's treatments have made a huge difference in so many people's lives.

Diva Santilli, Neurological Diagnostic Technician

Diva Santilli