Accelerated and sustained recovery.

The immersive therapies at the Dr. Lemmo Brain Centre help accelerate recovery from both obvious and invisible symptoms of concussions. Through targeting affected areas of the brain with intensive, multi-therapy regimens, we accelerate healing, allowing the patient to recover and resume normal activities quickly.

A concussion can be caused by a fall or a direct impact to the head, as well as by a blow to the head, neck or upper body, or by any force that results in whiplash. Signs of a concussive injury include headaches, dizziness, changes in vision, and altered sensitivity to light or sound, among other symptoms. These can vary significantly in intensity and duration.

Our goal is to restore and maximize quality of life, minimize the severity of future secondary concussions, and return the patient to peak physical and mental performance.

Dr. Lemmo relies on evidence-based diagnostics to accurately pinpoint the impacted areas of the brain. This information is used to develop a customized concussion treatment and management program for each patient.

Individualized care plans combine intensive in-office therapies and simple in-home exercises to achieve measurable results in the shortest possible time.

Dr. Lemmo uses Prof. Carrick’s proven concussion treatment protocol that has successfully treated professional athletes playing in the MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL. Athletes including Jonathan Toews, Claude Giroux and Sidney Crosby have attributed their recovery to Dr. Carrick’s treatments.

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If you're suffering a concussion, don't just sit there and suffer. Go see Dr. Lemmo. If he tells you he can fix you, he will.

Paul Ouellette

My headaches started going away, I was more focused, loud noises didn't bother me, and bright lights were OK. I saw Dr. Lemmo for two months or more and I feel back to normal now.

Danielle Lenarduzzi

I have a really good life right now. There's no way I would have been here today without Dr. Lemmo. No way.

Holly Noble