Traumatic Brain Injury

Effective, non-invasive treatment.

Dr. Lemmo Brain Centre implements effective new technology-based therapy options for addressing the complicated effects of Traumatic Brain Injuries. Our breakthrough treatments help the brain rebuild critical neural pathways to improve physical and mental function.

The term "Traumatic Brain Injury" can be misleading. For most people, the problem is rarely confined to physical effects on the brain. With many symptoms such as diminished movement, partial paralysis, sensitivity to light and noise, decreased ability to concentrate or read, and chronic headaches, a Traumatic Brain Injury can extend to all areas of life.

This often makes day-to-day tasks and activities difficult and compromises physical ability and performance. This can diminish self-esteem and hope for the future. It has physiological, neurological and psychological components, making it challenging both to diagnose and treat.

Dr. Lemmo Brain Centre’s unique and comprehensive approach to TBI has been demonstrated to make a difference.

We perform an in-depth analysis of each patient’s symptoms to fully understand the conditions caused by the brain injury, the damage it has caused and the associated problems that need to be addressed

We then develop an immersive and intensive treatment and therapy program customized to the Individual needs of the patient. By tackling the root causes of the injury, our approach gives real hope for achieving positive results.

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I feel very blessed that we found Dr. Lemmo, he helped my son become more cognitive and independent. We experienced a lot of recovery towards a positive future that we didn't have before we met Dr. Lemmo.

Rose and Salvatore Cipriano
Traumatic Brain Injury

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If someone is willing to help you and they're as confident and loyal as Dr. Lemmo, listen to them because there's nothing better out there. Dr. Lemmo gave me my life back.