Working with Dr. Lemmo has enhanced my vision and on-ice coordination. He has allowed me to be confident in my mental well-being.

Taylor Hall, 2018 Hart Trophy winner. The reigning NHL MVP.
Performance Enhancement

Dr. Lemmo not only brings a different approach than everyone else with regard to concussions and sports enhancement, he also explains your brain to you and explains the functions that help you reach your full potential.

Kerby Rychel, 1st Round NHL Draft Pick
Performance Enhancement

Performance Enhancement

Maximize skills and potential.

Many factors affect an athlete’s ability to perform well and consistently. At the Dr. Lemmo Brain Centre, we measure and test the cognitive and physical function of athletes to pinpoint neural or physical barriers, then build an immersive treatment protocol designed to maximize performance on and off the field or court.

The practice of performance improvement is not a modern invention. The competitive nature of humans and the desire to increase the output of the human body has existed as far back as we know. The focus of performance improvement has historically been around the consumption of chemicals or substances to increase output or performance. At the Dr. Lemmo Brain Centre, we believe that performance enhancement does not have to be artificially created.

There are certain factors that must come together to create what is known as performance. These five key components to human performance are: planning, latency, speed, accuracy, and endurance.

We focus on helping athletes across all sports to naturally improve performance by testing, measuring and improving those five key components. A .005 second reaction improvement to sound, light and external stimulus can represent a personal goal, a gold medal or victory.

Dr. Lemmo identifies areas of decreased performance and areas of potential improvement, therapies are combined to exercise and optimize the deficient areas. These individualized plans may consist of specific eye exercises, vestibular rehabilitation, and sensory stimulation.

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