Restoring function and recovery.

Dr. Lemmo Brain Centre’s diagnostic technologies, patented leading edge therapies and intensive multi-treatment approach helps post-stroke patients recover lost function. By focusing on stimulating or rerouting neural activity, our approach allows us to help stroke patients achieve an improved quality of life.

A stroke occurs when blood flow to the brain is blocked or interrupted for any reason, causing brain cells to die. This can result in the loss of mental and physical function.

Once the immediate medical cause of a stroke has been addressed, our goal is to help the patient regain as much lost physical and neurological function as possible.

We perform a functional neurology examination and conduct broad- based, integrated tests in our centre to determine the degree of decline in physical and neurological performance. This diagnosis establishes a basis for secondary testing and evaluations.

We then combine targeted central nervous system stimulation therapies with speech, language and physical therapies in an effort to activate the brain’s inherent ability to rebuild neural connections and restore impaired function.

Because diagnosis and treatment take place in the same centre and with the same care team, the Anthony Lemmo at the Dr. Lemmo Brain Centre is able to begin treatment without delay. Through intensive, immersive treatment regimens, the care team strives to achieve measurable results every day.

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